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The Human Knot

With the good old British winter still upon us, we have decided to take things indoors. The Human Knot is a perfect teambuilding challenge as it can be played literally anywhere plus no equipment is needed whatsoever…

What you need:

Absolutely nothing (except people of course!).

How to play The Human Knot:

  1. Ask participants to create a circle.
  2. Ask participants to place one of their arms into the centre and grab hold of someone else’s arm (not the person standing next to them).
  3. Ask participants to place their other arm into the centre and grab hold of someone else’s arm (not the person standing next to them).
  4. Now for the fun bit! The ultimate aim of The Human Knot is for participants to end up in a full circle once again without letting go of any hands! However, they are able to go under or over each others arms if needs be.

What skills does The Human Knot utilise:

The challenge encourages communication and cooperation amongst participants in order for them to successfully ‘untangle’ themselves.


Check out this YouTube video by Trisha Boyer to see the challenge in action:

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