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The Human Chain

Fed up of playing the conventional version of Chinese Whispers? Why not challenge children with this mega-sized picture version (The Human Chain)…

What you need…

A facilitator (of course), a pen and two pieces of paper.

How to play The Human Chain…

1. The facilitator is required to draw a memorable picture for teams to memorise and recreate i.e. a building with two doors and four windows.
2. Split the group into two or three teams (dependent on the number) and decide the team who will memorise the picture first. Ask teams to choose carefully as to who goes first based upon their memory skills.
3. The facilitator shows the picture to the first team for a given time period i.e. 30 seconds who must then describe it to the second team and so on (dependent upon the number of teams).
4. The final team is then handed a piece of paper and must attempt to match the original picture based upon memory alone.

What skills does The Human Chain utilise…

This challenge requires excellent communication skills between teams to successfully recreate the picture.

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